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The Plastic Surgery Department of Peking University Third Hospital (PUTH) is proud of its history. Found in 1949 when the new Peoplea��s Republic of China just established, it is the earliest of its kind. The plastic and cosmetic experts of our department have published over 10 influential monographs and over 100 academic papers in international and domestic journals. In addition, the department is also a national base for advanced studies and training of plastic surgeons, which was designated by the Ministry of Health P.R. China. Until now, this base has trained nearly one thousand plastic surgeons from all over China and many of them already grown up to local clinical leaders. The Center for Aesthetic Surgery was established in 2005. This center has been further divided into several units. In the field of plastic surgery we have the unit for craniofacial surgery, the unit for tumor treatment, the unit for breast surgery and the unit for wound healing; and in the field of aesthetic surgery the unit for body sculpture, the unit for wrinkle-removing surgery, the unit for comprehensive facial surgery, the unit for vulva plastic surgery, the unit for cosmetic breast surgery, the unit for cosmetic mandible surgery and the unit for scar treatment. Apart from those units, we also have the popular nonsurgical solution for our clients.

The Unit for the Plastic & Aesthetic Breast Surgery owns several experienced experts and adopts the best surgical solutions and materials available. A standard of excellence in personalized care enables us to provide the quality cosmetic enhancement services that our patients deserve. And that is also the reason you can see lots of patients from other countries come here. Our unit can do various kinds of cosmetic breast surgeries and also the reconstructive surgery for absence of breast (especially after having excision of breast cancer).

1. Since 1949, our center has been devoted to plastic and cosmetic surgery. We have inherited 60-yeara��s experience and keep pace with the international advanced technology.

2. The incision is hidden and minimized. No scar left after the operation.

3. Preoperative computer-aided measurement of prosthesis size makes volume selection more precise.

4. A variety of implants are at your choice. We are highly responsible for our clientsa�� heath and guarantee implanta��s quality.

5. We propose the concept of “Personalized and Safe Breast Augmentation”; and emphasize health and beauty. Our operation is safe and designed according to personal situation. We use the best breast-augmenting surgical technique to give our clients soft and fuller breasts.

6. We recommend the minimally invasive surgery. It can be done in a short time and the recovery is faster. Plus endoscope further improves the precision of surgery.

7. The advanced and better thoracic epidural anesthesia is available. And we focus on the postoperative pain-alleviating techniques.

8. When augmenting breasts by injecting autogenic fat, we can sculpture your body with liposuction in different parts. It is effective and costs less.

9. We will examine every single client very carefully and professionally before the operation to ensure a successful surgery.

10. Client will get a complete rehabilitation plan and systematic nursing.

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