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Xia You-chen

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Excerpt:Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery

Xia You-chen

Name: Xia You-chen

Professional Title: Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery

Gender: Male

Working Place: Dept of Plastic Surgery, Peking University Third Hospital (PUTH)

Email: xiayouchen@sohu.com

Tel (office): 010-62388404i??82890220

Cell: 13391617906

Outpatient Service at PUTH: Tuesday Afternoon

Memberships in Professional Societies:

Member, Branch Society of Plastic Surgery, Chinese Medical Association

Member, Society of Beijing Doctors

Hobbies: Music, photographing and Chinese chess

Educational Background and Occupational Historyi?s

Prof. Xia graduated from Capital Medical University and was awarded bachelor of medicine. He has passed strict training and examination at the stages of resident and chief resident. Prof. Xia was promoted to attending surgeon in Beijing Medical University Third Hospital (now PUTH) in Aug 1994.

Prof. Xia is proficient in using superficial temporal fascia flap, TRAM flap and many other kinds of flaps to repair congenital or acquired defects or deformities. He has successfully done many conventional plastic operations like breast reconstruction, breast reduction, tummy-tuck, repair of defect of eyelid, repair of ptosis, repair of cleft lip and palate, complicated vascular tumor excision, correction of congenital polydactyly and syndactylism. In the field of aesthetic surgery, with systematic and standard clinical training, he has solid theoretical basis and skillful surgical techniques. He has been continuously improving surgical procedures and combining surgery with arts and aesthetics. Based on his over 10 yearsa�� research and clinical practice, he has successfully accomplished over one thousand cases of breast augmentation, liposuction and body sculpture. He is very popular among clients and is well acknowledged in this field. He has attended conferences of aesthetic surgery domestically and abroad (reading papers and exchanging academic opinions). Prof. Xia has been invited to give lectures in national aesthetic surgery courses. His paper a�?applied anatomy of nasal dorsal fascia in rhinoplasty and its clinical meaninga�? has attracted attentions from domestic as well as international colleagues and been included in Medline of National Library of Medicine of the United States.

Professional Specialties

Plastic and aesthetic breast surgery (especially good at breast augmentation): plump and symmetrical breast is the symbol of female beauty, which shows a womana��s shape and curve. Well-developed and beautiful breasts can bring women self-respect, confidence and pride as well as hopes for a better life and happier family while sagging or deformed breasts are the heavy burden for women and make them fell inferior and worried. Therefore, plastic and aesthetic breast surgery not only restores womena��s body beauty but also their confidence and self-respect psychologically. With many yearsa�� studies on this field, Prof. Xia has created a unique set of treatment plans which integrate findings of medical basic theory into clinical practice. The result is so satisfactory that he is called an expert in plastic and aesthetic surgery. He has proposed the concept of individualized and safe breast augmentation in rectifying small breasts. He emphasizes healthy cosmetology and safety. He designs operative procedures according to each patienta��s need and situation. The breasts remolded by him look better and more natural.

Other Specialties: Liposculpture and aesthetic nasal surgery

Research and Selected Publications:

1. The aesthetics of breast and research on its applied anatomy

2. The choose of breast prosthesis and analysis on the clinical results

3. Discussion on surgical skills of breast augmentation

4. On the location of implanting breast prosthesis

5. The complications of breast augmentation and the prevention and treatment

6. Clinical observation on breast augmentation with injection of autogenic fat

7. Surgical solution for gigantic breasts

8. Improved external fixation for correction of inverted nipple

9. Treatments of Male breast hypertrophy

10. Clinical research of expansion Liposuction in shaping the body

11. The combination of weight loss by liposuction and breast augmentation by injection of autogenic fat

12. On the anesthesia with light concentration of lidocaine in liposuction

13. Observation on retrofasial space of dorsum nasi and its clinical meaning

14. Relationship between arterial configuration of the lips and blood supply of the labial flap

15. Improved implantation of silicone prosthesis for nose job via the retrofasial space of dorsum nasi

16. Observation on curative effect of medical injectable aesthetic collagen

17. A Study on mandibular retrognathism treated by implantation of prosthesis under the periosteum via oral incision

18. Contributor of some chapters in Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy for Modern Plastic Surgery, Beijing: Joint Press of Beijing Medical University and Peking Union Medical College, 1997


Third Prize of Science and Technology Advancements, Ministry of Education of P.R. China, Applied anatomy of nasal dorsal fascia in rhinoplasty and its clinical meaning, a fundamental and theoretical research of aesthetic surgery

Characteristics of Breast Augmentation in Our Hospital:

1. Generally, the incision is in the armpit. Therefore, the operation is safe, hidden and would not leave scar on the breasts.

2. Since 1949, our hospital has been devoted to plastic and aesthetic surgery. We have inherited 60-yeara��s experience and keep pace with the international advanced technology.

3. A variety of implants are at your choice. We are highly responsible for our clientsa�� heath and guarantee implanta��s quality.

4. We propose the concept of “Personalized and Safe Breast Augmentation”; and emphasize health and beauty. Our operation is safe and designed according to personal situation. We use the best breast-augmenting surgical technique to give our clients soft and fuller breasts.

5. Short operation time and advanced anesthesia: the advanced and better thoracic epidural anesthesia is available.

6. When augmenting breasts by injecting autogenic fat, we can sculpture your body with liposuction in different parts. It is effective and costs less.

7. Client will get a complete rehabilitation plan and systematic nursing.

8. We will examine every single client very carefully and professionally before the operation to ensure a successful surgery.

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