Li Bi

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Excerpt:Professor of Plastic Surgery, Supervisor for Master Student

Li Bi

Name: Li Bi

Professional Title: Professor of Plastic Surgery, Supervisor for Master Student

Educational Background: M.D.

Date of Birth: May, 1964

Working Place: Dept of Plastic Surgery, Peking University Third Hospital (PUTH)

Postcode: 100191

Outpatient Service at PUTH: Wednesday afternoon

Contact: 13801209589 (cell), 010-62388404 (outpatient), 010-82267349 (office at PUTH), 010-82890220 (Shangdi outpatient clinic)


Educational Background and Occupational History:

Prof. Li graduated from Beijing Medical University and was awarded M.D. in plastic surgery and his dissertation was supervised by the distinguished Prof. Niu Xing-tao, the leader of the third generation of plastic surgeons and the disciple of Prof. Zhu Hong-yin, who is one of the founding fathers of Chinese plastic surgery and the creator of the dept of plastic surgery of PUTH.

Prof. Li has received standard and systematic learning and training in both plastic surgery and aesthetic surgery. Thus his professional foundation is very solid. Prof. Li says it is very lucky of him to be taught and instructed personally by some senior plastic surgeons, for instance Prof. Wang Da-mei, Prof. Hui Bo-sheng, Prof. Xia Zhao-ji and Prof. Li Jian-ning.

Prof. Li has been engaged in this field for over 20 years. Therefore his clinical experience is rich and he is good at doing all kinds of plastic and aesthetic operations for congenital malformations and acquired defects. He is especially proficient in individualized design, comprehensive aesthetic surgeries and minimally invasive operations. He cares about psychological needs of his clients and always tries to create natural and harmonious beauty.

Memberships in Professional Societies and Editorial Position:

Member, committee of young scholars, branch society of plastic surgery, Chinese medical association;

Member, branch society of plastic surgery, Chinese medical association

Member of the editorial board, Chinese Journal of Reparative and Reconstructive Surgery

Professional Specialties In Aesthetic plastic surgery:

1. Plastic breast surgery: As the chief expert in plastic breast surgery in PUTH, Prof. Li enjoys high reputation in China. He is inventive in the individualized design in breast augmentation, setting up the principles of choosing implants and the whole set of minimally invasive surgery. He is one of the pioneers in China to do breast augmentation assisted with endoscope, which has satisfied many clientsa�� needs. Prof. Li has been invited by the ALLERGAN ACADEMY to lecture on the Forum on how to choose breast implant.

Prof. Li has researched the correction of sagging breast in-depth. Based on his research, he has proposed the concept of the recreation of breast hanging system, trying to get a better result with minimal incision for sagging breast. In 2006, he published a article in a academic journal and proposed the comprehensive aesthetic breast surgery, which includes several kinds of operations and can make the breast look better.

Besides, he took the lead in Beijing First-class Hospitals at Grade 3 in doing immediate breast reconstruction after the excision of breast cancer. This is the surgery that contains the most advanced technology in plastic breast operations and can help female patient to restore her body shape thus avoiding the physical and psychological trauma brought by breast excision.

Prof. Li has been researched all kinds of treatments for gynecomastia (development of abnormally large mammary glands in males resulting in breast enlargement). He selects and promotes the individualized solution of combining liposuction and excision. This has relieved many mena��s distress.

Prof. Li is very experienced in repairing complications after breast augmentation. He can solve difficulties and achieve the satisfactory result.

Available plastic breast surgeries: Plastic aesthetic breast surgeries: breast augmentation, breast reduction, correction of sagging breast, plastic accessory breast surgery, plastic nipple and areola surgery, comprehensive breast beautification (symmetry adjusting, cleavage and submammary fold), hypertrophy of male breast and repair after breast augmentation (capsular contracture, implant displacement, repairing asymmetry and implant changing).

Plastic aesthetic surgery for congenital breast malformation: hypermastia, absence of breast, chest deformity and asymmetrical breast.

Breast reconstruction: breast reconstruction after breast excision, reconstructive surgery for the absence of breast, nipple or areola due to other reasons.

2. Body sculpture by liposuction and autogenous fat injection

Prof. Li is an expert in liposuction for all parts of the body (including body contouring) and this approach can be done on those clients who are not fat. His technique in autogenous fat inject is very unique and he has been invited by the Beijing Huangsi Aesthetic Surgery Hospital (a very prestigious hospital in the field of aesthetic surgery) to give lectures on this topic.

3. Plastic aesthetic surgery for the eyes, nose and face

As early as 1998, Prof. Li has published his research on the width of double-fold eyelids, the design of the curve, the removal of pouch and individualized nose job.

Professional Specialties in General Plastic Surgery

All kinds of congenital deformities and acquired defects, especially in the reconstructive surgery for acquired ear and nose defect, treatment for angioma and congenital foot and hand deformities.

Observation: What a plastic surgeon does is to create beauty and it is a holy profession. A person who creates beauty must know what are beautiful first. He can find and experience beauty in his living environment. He has lots of hobbies that can increase his experience in enjoying beauty. He must have some characteristics of artists. He is patient to learn to the needs of clients and open to different views in what are beautiful. A plastic surgeon should achieve the results that satisfy his client and himself with his creative hands. Strive for excellence is our creed.

Selected Publications

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