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Chen Yu-zhe

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Excerpt:Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery

Chen Yu-zhe

Name: Chen Yu-zhe

Professional Title: Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery

Educational Background: Master of Medicine

Date of Birth: Jul 15th, 1965

Working Place: Dept of Plastic Surgery, Peking University Third Hospital


Postcode: 100191

Tel: 010-82890220

Cell: 13911112241

Website: www.chenyuzhe.com click to see certificates

Outpatient Service at PUTH: Thursday Afternoon

Educational Background and Occupational History:

Prof. Chen graduated from Shanghai Railway Medical College and later got master degree in plastic surgery from Peking University Health Science Center. For over a decade after graduation, he has passed strict basic training in general surgery and plastic & aesthetic surgery, having steady theoretical foundation of surgery and excellent surgical techniques. He is proficient in combining surgical skills with esthetics in accomplishing a variety of operations and he has summarized a set of unique methods from several thousands of cases.

Professional Specialties:

1. series of minimally invasive surgeries for facial rejuvenation:

Including face-lift with minimally invasive incision, face-lift assisted by endoscope, saw tooth-shaped line, elastic line and anchor-shape line, solution to eight problems of facial aging: forehead wrinkles, wrinkles on the place between the eyebrows (called a�?-shaped wrinkles), crowa��s feet (called fish tail wrinkles), brow ptosis, sagging upper eyelid, sagging middle face, nasolabial groove and sagging mandible.

Face-lift by injection: including hyaluronic acid, artecoll, evolution and botox (removing wrinkles on the nasolabial groove and forehead and laughter lines)

2. Featured Operations in the Ocular and Nasal Region

l Continuous buried suture method for permanent double-fold eyelids + removing fat with small incision + enlarging inner eye corner: to solve the problem of short, small and fat eyes in young clients.

Rising Upper eyelid with incision under the eyebrow: to solve the problem of sagging eyelids in the middle-aged.

Fat reduction in the orbital septum and pouch: to solve the problem of pouch and lacrimal groove.

Nose job with varicosity + nose tip reduction + plastic nose tip surgery with shield transplantation of autologous cartilage: to solve the problem of round nose and fat nose tip.

3. Dynamic breast augmentation

Prof. Chen is the first one who proposes the concept of dynamic aesthetic feeling in breast augmentation. This concept emphasizes the mobility of breasts in lying position and dynamic of breasts in running or walking situation. The pursuing result is to a�?mix the false with the genuinea�?.

The paper titled The Evaluation of Dynamic Effects of Breast Augmentation has been presented in the following academic conferences:

The 4th National Academic Conference for Aesthetic Surgery, Guangzhou

The 2nd Shanghai International Plastic Surgery Conference, Shanghai

The 9th National Academic Conference for Plastic Surgery, Changsha

4. Liposuction

Prof. Chen is the first one in China to propose the concept of a�?circumferential liposuctiona�? and he has published his achievement in the Chinese Journal of Plastic Surgery (issue three, 2001). And Prof. Chen is also the first one in China to propose the concept of a�?superficial liposuctiona�?, which was published in the Chinese Journal of Medical Aesthetic and Cosmetology (issue one, 2000).

5. Facial Form Modification

Including mandibular angle reduction, cheekbone reduction, facial liposuction, buccal pad and varicosity filling in the temporal region

Prof. Chen has been doing intraoral approach surgery of madibular angle reduction since 1996. He has presented his researching results in several conferences and published his papers in the Chinese Journal of Medical Aesthetics and Cosmetology (issue one, 2001) and the Chinese Journal of Plastic Surgery (issue one, 2004) respectively.

6.Thinning Calf (Calf Muscle Reduction)a��Calf Nerve Breaking

This is a minimally invasive surgery for those clients whose calf appearance is not very good while walking because of redundant calf muscle. The theory of the surgery is that a portion of calf muscle would shrink if a surgeon cut off the medial head and lateral head of gastrocnemius muscle or nerve branch that controls the movement of soleus. The calf will become thinner without any impact on its walking and motor function. The 1.2 cm incision is in the popliteal fossa and the operation time lasts about 30 to 50 minutes. One can walk immediately after the operation and can have shower with the incision protected by waterproof sticker. Hospitalization is not needed.

The paper titled neurotomy of the motor branches of tibial nerve innervating the gastrocnemius for calf reduction has been presented in the following academic conferences:

The 5th Conference for Chinese Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons, Chengdu

The 5th Academic Conference of Medical Aesthetics and Cosmetology, Chengdu


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