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Published:2010-08-12   Views:11  From:Peking University Third Hospital

Excerpt:Introduction to Body Beauty Treatment Center's Structure and Departments,Methods of Applying Service Facilities in Wards and Services.

I. Introduction to Body Beauty Treatment Center’s Structure and Departments:

* Reception Desk: the desk clerks will arrange for you professional consultation, operation booking, help you fill in the case history and transact all preoperative procedures and settle for outpatients further consultation with a doctor, disconnection, dressing change and other matters concerned.

* Working Hours: 8:30-17:00, Monday to Friday; Tel: 86-10-6800. 24-hour Hotline: 86-10-82890216

* Ward and Nurse Station: supply professional nursing services during the hospitalization, mental conciliation, and medicine application guide and help you contact care workers. See to disconnection and dressing change during holidays and special working hours.

* Working Hours: 0:00-24:00. Tel: 86-10-6810

* Service Center: coordinate and solve all kinds of non-medical problems that appear during visiting and hospitalization.

* Working Hours: 8:30-17:00, Monday to Friday; Tel: 86-10-6800.

* During the out-of-work time, please call at 86-10-13501352888

* Email: haixing_0422@_126.com

* Cash Desk: settle and collect different kinds of expenses on operation, treatment and hospitalization and issue professional invoices.

* Working Hours: 8:30-17:00, Monday to Friday; Tel: 86-10-6813.

* Daily Beauty Parlor: supply personalized daily beauty treatment services like face care, hand care, aromatic nursing, SPA, tattooing and daily nursing products as well as daily beauty treatment and healthcare knowledge.

* Working Hours: 9:00-17:00, Monday to Friday; Tel: 96-10-6801.

* Laser and Photon Beauty Treatment: advanced large-scale photon and laser instruments are operated by experienced professional doctors. The services include safe and effective skin tendering by photon, depilation by photon, blood streak removal by photon, spot removal by photon, wrinkle removal by photon, hemangioma removal by laser, laser removal of the nevus of Ota, improper tattooing removal by laser and the treatment of different kinds of skin problems.

* Working Hours: 8:30-17:00 from Monday to Friday.

* Tel for Booking: 86-10-6800.

* Note: 1. Reception Desk; 2. Lift Block; 3 Cash Desk; 4. Pharmacy; 5. Daily Beauty Parlor; 6. Laser Therapy Room; 7. Dressing Change Space for Outpatients; 8. Washroom; 9. Pantry equipped with icebox and microwave oven for clients; 10. Dressing Change Space for Inpatients; 11. Internet Room for clients; 12. Ward and Nurse Station; 13 Washroom; 14 Public Cardphone

II. Methods of Applying Service Facilities in Wards:

* Methods of adjusting the room temperature via the air conditioning;

* Methods of adjusting the height of bed head and bed tail;

* Methods of erecting hand banisters around the bed and of erecting small desks;

III. Services:

* 1. Dish Booking:

* According to the suggestions of medical care personnel, we will supply the booking service of Chinese and Western-style meals;

* Liquid Diet: milk, tea, coffee, soybean milk, fruit juice and different kinds of soup;

* Semi-liquid Diet: 36 kinds of nourishing porridge and types of soup with noodles and acidophilus milk;

* Full Diet:

* Chinese Meal: nourishing meals matching different people;

* Western-style Meal: about 10 kinds of pizza, spaghetti, soup, appetizer, vegetable/fruit salad and kinds of desserts;

* Lunch Booking: 10:00-10:30

* Supper and Next Breakfast Booking: 16:00-16:30

* Tel: 86-10-6810

* 2. Procurement Service

* Assist the clients in purchasing commodities twice a day;

* If you need shaving/toiletries kits, please contact the nurse;

* Working Hours: 12:00-13:00 and 17:00-18:00.

* For special needs, please call at 86-10-6810.

* 3. Laundry

* Supply dry/wet laundry services;

* The clothes will be collected and sent to Fornet Laundry during 17:00-18:00;

* (All excluding down clothing can be recaptured the next day.)

* Expenses: the pricing will be according to Fornet expense standards on laundry and extra cover charge will not be collected;

* For special needs, please call at 86-10-6868.

* 4. 24-hour Surfing for Free;

* You can surf for free in our internet room;

* You also can surf in the ward;

* Detailed Application Methods:

* a�� Ask the nurse for connecting wire and insert it into the joint seam on the right of telephone socket under the bed (as shown in the figure) and connect the other end with the computer;

* a�? On the desktop, right-click “Network Neighborhood” and left-click Item “Properties”; in the window of “Network and Dial-up Connection”, right-click “Local Connection” and left-click Item “Properties”; in the window of “Local Connection Properties”, double click the internet protocol TCP/TP; the window of “Internet Protocol (TCP/TP) Properties” appears.

* a�? Selection: the following IP addresses (S) are available. )

* IP Address: – 253 (to choose any number between 1 and 253 is feasible).

* Subnet Mask: 255. 255. 255. 0

* Default Gateway: 192. 168. 40. 254

* a�? Selection: the following DNS server addresses (E) are available.

* First-choice DNS Server (P): 202. 106. 0. 20

* Standby DNS Server (A): 202. 106. 196. 115

* a�� Just click.

* a�? IP Searching: click the Start Button on the left desktop and then the Run Button, input CMD into the window menu, click Ok, import “IPCONFIG” and enter. Or, input “/ALL” and enter to see IP settlement.

* For any problems, please contact the nurse at 86-10-6810.

* 5. Ticket Booking

* Help clients booking domestic and international return air tickets and train tickets;

* Air Ticket: only the flight date, destination, ID card number and flight class are needed;

* Train Ticket: the booking period is 5-10 days earlier. With the journey date, Train No. and bed class supplied, we will contact the agency company as best as we can. The agency company will collect RMB5 agent fee and RMB5 delivery fee;

* Service Tel: 86-10-6868 and Tel at the Reception Desk: 86-10-6800.

* 6. Escort

* Supply escort service;

* Air Port: assist the client in checking the baggage and transacting check-in procedures and arrange wheelchair services;

* Expenses: RMB100 in total including cover charge and return transportation expenses;

* Railway Station: help hand the clients and take baggage into the train; Expenses: RMB80 in total including cover charge and return transportation expenses;

* For needs, please call at 86-10-6868.

* 7. Walking Stick and Wheelchair Lease

* Walking Stick: RMB200 deposit and RMB5/day charter money.

* Wheelchair: RMB600 deposit and RMB25/day charter money.

* For needs, please call at 86-10-6810/6868.

* 8. Taxi Booking

* Contact Beijing Taxi Dispatching Center and book taxi according to the time and taxi type named by the client;

* Expenses: RMB3 cover charge plus normal taxiing charge collected by the taxi company;

* For needs, please call at 86-10-6868.

* 9. Tourism

* Assist in contacting large travel agency and arrange tourism matters concerned;

* For needs, please call at 86-10-6868.

* 10. Travel Guide

* To facilitate your travel, we have prepared “Travel Guide” which is available at the Reception Desk and the Ward and Nurse Station.

* 11. Public Cardphone

* Domestic and international long-distance call is available and the magnetic cards are sold at the Ward and Nurse Station.

* Honorific Clients:

* Thanks for your visiting Shangdi Beauty Treatment Center of the Third Hospital of Peking University; for any problems, help need or suggestions, please call at 86-10-6868 at any moment.

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