Bi Hong-sen

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Excerpt:Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery


Name: Bi Hong-sen

Professional Title: Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery

Educational Background: M.D. in plastic surgery (Peking University)

Date of Birth: Feb, 1968

Working Place: Dept of Plastic Surgery, Peking University Third Hospital (PUTH)

Office: 010-62388404 or 010-82890216

Cell: 13391722976



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Prof. Bi graduated from Peking University Health Science Center in 2003 with M.D. in plastic surgery. He has been engaged in plastic and aesthetic surgery for nearly 20 years. Prof. Bi has done many kinds of plastic and aesthetic operations and related research and he is an experienced and skillful surgeon.

Memberships in Professional Societies:

Secretary of Cosmetic Surgery Group, Branch of Medical Aesthetics and Cosmetology, Chinese Medical Association

Speeches in International Academic Conferences

a�� A report on facial juvenilization with endoscope and its clinical application, the 1st Cosmetology Conference of the Two Sides of the Taiwan Straits, 2008, Nanjing

a�? A report on minimally invasive endoscopy for frontotemporal face-lift and the beauty of facial appearance, the 8th Shanghai International Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology Seminar, Apr 2009, Shanghai

Specialties in Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeries

1. Design of rejuvenating cosmetic surgical plan and minimally invasive cosmetic surgery, especially skilled in face-lift assisted by endoscope characterized by minimal invasion and small incision (permanent removal of crowa��s feet, forehead lines and glabellar lines); and in rejuvenating cosmetic surgery around the ocular region (pouch-removing and eyelid surgery)

2. Surgery for facial contouring (madibular angle, high cheekbone and mandible) and soft tissue contouring (facial liposuction or by fat grafting)

3. Individualized nose job and cosmetic nasal surgery

4. Minimally invasive surgery for the correction of hallux valgus, the eradication of underarm odour and the resection of male breast

5. Other plastic and cosmetic operations

Specialties in general plastic surgery

Repair and reconstructive surgery of the defect and deformity of nose, lip and ear

Professional Creed:

Lift experience has taught me how to treat people leniently. In the heart to heart communication I have understood how to satisfy a patienta��s need. In the process of pursuing and creating beauty I believe sincerity. I am willing to plough into the career of plastic and cosmetic surgery whole-heartedly, bringing youth and beauty to my clients and also making myself forever young.

Selected Publications:

Bi Hong-sen, Chen Dong-ming, Li Jian-ning. Activation of p44/42 mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway involves in formation of hypertrophic scar and keloid. Chinese Journal of Medical Aesthetics and Cosmetology. 2004, 10 (5): 293-297

Bi Hong-sen, Chen Dong-ming, Li Jian-ning et al. Activities of mitogen-activated protein kinase in fibroblasts in different internal and external environment. Chinese Journal of Clinical Rehabilitation. 2005, 9 (26): 121-123

Bi Hong-sen, Ma Gui-wen. Mini-incision oblique displacement and cuneiform osteotomy for the correction of hallux valgus. Chinese Journal of Minimally Invasive Surgery. 2006, 6 (7): 499-501

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