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Yan Ai-ping

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Excerpt:Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery

Yan Ai-ping

Name: Yan Ai-ping

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: Feb, 1955

Birthplace: Beijing

Professional Title: Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery

Memberships in Professional Societies: Member, Beijing Branch Society for Plastic Surgery, Chinese Medical Association

Hobbies: reading, photographing and travelling

Tels: (010)82265657i??(010)82265250

Cell: 13552693083

E-mail: yanaiping218@163.com click to see certificates

Outpatient Service at PUTH: Tuesday Morning

Appointment at PUTH: Tuesday morning

Educational Background and Occupational History

Had rotated in the department of major surgery for three years after graduation and mastered diagnosis, treatment and surgical techniques for some common and frequent diseases; after going back to the department of plastic surgery, learn the theoretical knowledge and basic surgical skills in plastic surgery and strictly obey the principle of minimal invasion and master plastic surgical skills and theory; learned a lot from two famous plastic surgeons Prof. Wang Da-mei and Prof. Niu Xing-tao and later became an expert in plastic surgery; could treat common diseases in the field of plastic surgery, like late repair after burn, reparative surgery for claw hand, cleft lip and palate, congenital blepharophimosis, hyperdactylia, syndactylism, protruding ears and hypoplasia of auricle; later creatively used different kinds of skin flaps to reconstruct organs.

Read widely and draw lessons from international advanced techniques; patients think highly of my solution for body surface tumor like neurofibroma; from the end of 1980s to the beginning of 1990s, due to the continuous improvement of peoplea��s living level, more and more people would like to have aesthetic surgery. In order to fulfill womena��s needs, specialized in double eyelid, removing of pouch, nasal surgery, face-lift, breast reduction, breast augmentation, resection of mamma accessoria, tightening of vagina, repair of hymen, elimination of underarm odor, which are welcomed by female patients.

In the late 1990s, influenced by the rapid development of laser therapeutic instruments for body surface cosmetology, started to do some treatments with laser; has treated some cases of pigmented mole and freckle; Accumulated abundant experience during the over 30-yeara��s clinical practice, solid in theoretical foundation, comprehensive in skills, proficient in surgery and cultivated in aesthetic appreciation.

International Work

Send by the Ministry of Health of China as a member of expert group to work in plastic and hand surgery hospital in Libyaa��s Capital Tripoli in Jul 1993 and returned in Dec 1994. During this time, did lots of plastic surgeries and operations for hand injury, which was praised by local government and people.

Has published over 10 articles like Surgical Treatment for Nipple Tumor and Removing Hairs with Laser: a clinical analysis of 380 cases; and participated in the writing of Applied Plastic Surgery, the translation of Atlas of Applied Plastic Surgery and Atlas of Aesthetic Surgery in Eyelid and Ocular Region, etc


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