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PAN Bo-lin

Published:2010-08-12   Views:4  From:Peking University Third Hospital

Excerpt:Surgeon in Charge


Name: PAN Bo-lin

Gender: Male

Title: Surgeon in Charge

Blog: blog.sina.com.cn/cosmelody

Educational Background and Occupational History:

Admitted into Peking University Health Science Center in 1997 and majored in clinical medicine; Graduated in 2002 and held the position of resident in the department of major surgery; After 3-year rotation, passed an examination for residents and became a M.D. candidate in the department of plastic surgery of PUTH; My dissertation supervisor is the famous plastic surgeon Prof. Li Jian-ning and I graduated in 2008 and at the same year was promoted to attending surgeon.

Proficient in diagnosis and treatment of common diseases in plastic and aesthetic surgery and advocate the standardization of medical work and humanization of medical service; while applying M.D., researched cartilage tissue engineering and participated in a project granted by state natural sciences fund and published 4 papers

a�?The plastic surgery represents the pioneering strength in clinical practice because we pay more attention to the management and service awareness than other doctors do.a�?


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Pan Bo-lin, Li Jian-ning. Treating chronic wound with electrical stimulation. Chinese Journal of Minimally Invasive Surgery. 2007, 7 (12): 1221-1222

Pan Bo-lin, Li Jian-ning, Wang Ping, et al. The application of allogenic cartilage microparticle acellular tissue matrix with fibrin glue for injectable tissue-engineered cartilage. Chinese Journal of Aesthetic Medicine. 2008, 17 (5): 679-681

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