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Zhang Jie

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Excerpt:Associate Professor of Surgery

Zhang Jie

Name: Zhang Jie

Gender: Female

Birth Date: May, 1971

Professional Tile: Associate Professor of Surgery

Working Place: Dept of Plastic Surgery, Peking University Third Hospital (PUTH)

Memberships in Professional Societies: Member, Branch Society of Plastic Surgery, Chinese Medical Association

Add: Dept of Plastic Surgery, Peking University Third Hospital, No. 49 North Garden Rd., Haidian District, Beijing, P.R. China

Postcode: 100191

Tel: 010-62388404i??010-82267348

E-mail: zjbmu@163.com

Outpatient Service at PUTH: Wednesday morning

Educational Background:

Prof. Zhang had studied at the Dept of Medicine of Beijing Medical University (BMU) from Sep 1990 to Jul 1997 (seven year program leading to master degree) under the supervision of two notable plastic surgeons Prof. Niu Xing-tao and Prof. Li Jian-ning. She was awarded master of medicine degree in 1997 and M.D. in 2003, respectively.

Occupational History

Treating Male breast hypertrophy with liposuction and resection

Prof. Zhang held the position of surgical resident in BMU Third Hospital (now PUTH) from Aug 1995 to Aug 1998. She had rotated in all surgical departments and mastered basic surgical techniques and related knowledge comprehensively. Later, she held the posts of resident and chief resident in the Dept of plastic surgery and laid a sound foundation in plastic surgical techniques and enriched knowledge in this field. After that, she held positions of attending surgeon and associate professor of plastic surgery successively. She has done a great number of plastic and aesthetic operations and therefore accumulated rich clinical experience. She is especially proficient in facial aesthetic surgery (eye, nose and ear), chest aesthetic surgery (breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast reconstruction and nipple-areola plasty) and plastic surgery at perineal position. She attaches great importance to individualized design, combined with accurate and careful operation from female surgeon, to achieve the best results.


Prof. Zhanga��s research interests are wound healing and reconstruction of organs by tissue engineering. And she has published six related articles in Chinese core journals and attended over 10 times of academic activities domestically and internationally. Her other publications include Aesthetic design and discussion of comprehensive aesthetic surgery for external nose and Treatment of gynecomastia with liposuction and excision, etc.

Selected Publications

Zhang Jie, Niu Xing-tao, Li Dong. Comparison of occlusive dressing and Vaseline gauze on the skin graft donor site wound healing. Chinese Journal of Plastic Surgery. 2000, 16 (6): 351-353

Zhang Jie, Li Dong, Li Jian-ning. Experimental study on ePTFE vessel used for tissue engineering scaffold material in rabbits. Chinese Journal of Aesthetic Medicine. 2004, 13 (6): 650-651

Zhang Jie, Li Dong, Li Jian-ning. The study of bladder epithelial cells culture in vitro. Chinese Journal of Practical Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery. 2005, 16 (4): 202-204

Zhang Jie, Li Dong, Li Jian-ning, et al. Comprehensive design and explore of total nasal aesthetic operation. Chinese Journal of Practical Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery. 2005, 16 (2): 97-98

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