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Zhu Li

Published:2010-08-12   Views:8  From:Peking University Third Hospital

Excerpt:Associate Professor of Surgery


Name: Zhu Li

Gender: Male

Professional Title: Associate Professor of Surgery

Birthplace: Beijing

Birth Date: Sep, 1957

Working Place: Dept of Plastic Surgery, Peking University Third Hospital (PUTH)

Memberships in Professional Societies:

Member, Beijing Branch Society of Plastic Surgery, Chinese Medical Association

Member, Society of Beijing Doctors

Add: Dept of Plastic Surgery, Peking University Third Hospital, No. 49 North Garden Rd., Haidian District, Beijing, P.R. China

Postcode: 100191

E-mail: zhu_915@163.com

Tels: (010)82265250i??(010)82267349i??(010)82267007

Cell: 13621043495

Hobbies: music, sports and traveling

Website: zhulizhuli.haodf.com

Outpatient Service at PUTH: Wednesday morning

Educational Background and Occupational History:

Prof. Zhu graduated from the Dept of Medicine of Capital Medical University (CMU) in Sep 1983 and was awarded bachelor degree of medicine. Later, he held the position of surgical resident in Beijing Tongren Hospital (affiliated hospital of CMU and prestigious for its outstanding ophthalmology and otorhinolaryngology service) and laid a sound foundation in surgery after the strict and systematic training at Major Surgery (including general surgery, orthopedics, chest surgery and urinary surgery). After that, he went to the 4th Surgery Hospital affiliated to Helsinki University Medical School in 1991 to do experimental research and clinical practice in organ transplantation. He also went to Goteborg University Sahlgrenska Hospital to study in Jul 1991 and attended the International Meeting for Organ Transplantation and Plastic Surgery at Helsinki hosted by Scandinavian Association of Surgery. During his study in Finland, he participated in lots of reconstructive and plastic breast surgery (breast augmentation and reduction).

Prof. Zhu has been working at the Dept of Plastic Surgery of PUTH (originally Beijing Medical University Third Hospital) since backing home in 1994 and now is an associate professor of plastic surgery.

Prof. Zhu has accumulated abundant clinical experience in plastic and aesthetic surgery and based on the concept of combining arts and aesthetic appreciation, he has summarized a set of unique methods and techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of congenital and acquired deformities involved in plastic surgery and for the regular operations involved in aesthetic surgery. Prof. Zhu has attended domestic and international academic conferences several times and presented his papers. He has been invited to join in academic exchange and distance on-line education several times to guide and demonstrate surgeries and the usage of surgical instruments. Prof. Zhu also has taught several hundreds of refresher doctors and participated in the writing and editing work of Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy for Modern Plastic Surgery published by Joint Press of Beijing Medical University and Peking Union Medical College. He has published several articles in some Chinese core journals. His outstanding professional specialties include liposculpture (liposuction with injective grafting of autologous fat) and general aesthetic surgery


In the clinical practice of aesthetic surgery, especially in liposculpture, Prof. Zhu has done, for both domestic and foreign patients, over 1000 cases of minimally invasive liposuctions in all parts of body (face, lower jaw, torso, chest, abdomen, back, waist, buttock, four extremities and ankle); and also liposculpture for tissue deficit (cheek, temple area, eyehole and chest) with injection of autologous fat. The healing effects of those operations have won praise and acknowledgment from both patients and experts. Prof. Zhu also adopts overall considerate measures like postoperative drainage, the use of dressing and protectors, which are good for quick recovery and can reduce the incidence of complications. Prof. Zhu has unique understandings about the diagnosis, treatment and repair of complications after liposuction and has cured many intractable and rare cases of abnormal fat accumulation and deformity.

General Aesthetic Surgery

Prof. Zhu has accumulated a set of unique surgical experience in some general aesthetic surgeries like double-fold eyelids, pouch removing, nose job, facial contouring, breast augmentation and reduction during the long-term clinical practice and also very proficient in face-lift (face rejuvenation) assisted by endoscope and facial fat-filling (over 100 cases).

Papers and Researches:

1. Treating cutis laxa with superficial Liposuction

2. Instrument for tumescent liposuction was employed in liposculpture with tumescent technique

3. The relations between therapeutic effect and the amount of remained subcutaneous fat after liposuction in different body parts

4. The influence of liposuction on blood-fat

5. Discussion of the feasibility of closed drainage after liposuction

Characteristics of Liposuction in Our Hospital

1. Generally, we will use wet expansion liposuction, which is one-time-reach-place and unnecessary to incise one place for many times. The minimal invasive operation is with little pain and leaves little scar.

2. We have been doing liposuction for many years and accumulated rich experience. Since 1993 our hospital has adopted Italian ultrasound liposuction. Therefore, our doctors are very skillful.

3. Short operation time and proficiency in manipulation; Generally speaking, it costs about 2 hours to accomplish a liposuction for torso or thighs plus buttock.

4. Deliberate liposculpture could be achieved in different parts and according to different needs. The operated parts are smooth and even with great effects. A client will not gain weight and will keep a perfect body curve under normal diet.

5. We can design the best surgical solution according to each clienta��s needs.

6. A variety of elastic skin protectors, developed by many experts in liposuction, are available in our hospital. They are suitable for all body parts after liposuction.

7. Preoperative check is simple and reliable and postoperative medicine for treatment is reasonable.


Zhu Li, Qin Rong-sheng, Chen Yu-zhen et al. Improvement of multi-site combination in simple obese patient with tumescent liposuction. Chinese Journal of Medical Aesthetics and Cosmetology. 2003, 9 (3): 153-155

Zhu Li, Niu Xing-tao, Ma Yong-guang, et al. Use of flap bridging in the treatment of lymphedema of scrotum and lower extremities. Chinese Journal of Minimally Invasive Surgery. 2003, 3 (2): 128-130

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