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The introduction of Weight Loss by Liposuction

Published:2010-05-13   Views:5  From:Peking University Third Hospital

Excerpt:Body sculpture liposuction body sculpting technology in the last century, popular since the early 80s, was soon followed the development of abdominal fat by simple aspiration extended to all parts o ...

Weight Loss by Liposuction

Body sculpture liposuction body sculpting technology in the last century, popular since the early 80s, was soon followed the development of abdominal fat by simple aspiration extended to all parts of the body such as waist, hip, thigh and cheek and so on; by the simple development of body shape weight loss; by the high complication rate decreased to a very light little complications, the significant and constant treatment effect truly become a cosmetic plastic surgery and standardized means for weight loss and body reshaping.

Experts pointed out that liposuction be conditional in the formal hospital, in strict aseptic conditions. Aspiration is necessary to find a local shelter to open a small hole, such as abdominal liposuction often choose to open a small hole in the navel, is hidden, first by the small hole to a certain amount of dilution was injected into the subcutaneous fat tissue dilution fat and then out of fat or thin tube with ultrasonic emulsification of fat emulsifier destruction, to achieve the purpose of liposuction body sculpting.

Among them, ultrasound assisted liposuction body sculpting made at the site of aspiration was more smooth, the effect is more ideal, is one of the most advanced of a technology. As the injected fat in the diluted solution plus a local anesthetic, making entire course, no pain, no significant pain after surgery, most can be done on an outpatient treatment without hospitalization, the amount of suction and according to the degree of obesity on the number of pumping sites. But liposuction body sculpting still strict patient selection and rigorous preoperative preparation, precise and skilled operation, which is an important means of prevention of all complications.

Before doing liposuction body sculpting, to assess the patient’s health status, 50 years old or older, pay particular attention to whether there is high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar and other diseases. Second, determine the degree of obesity, and obesity by moderate and severe patients who require special attention to identify whether it is morbid obesity, morbid obesity on patients who seek to be particularly elaborate, more importantly, treatment of primary disease. Taking long-term anticoagulant drugs, vasodilators, and prescribing in patients with hormone, also out 1-2 weeks before surgery, such as aspirin, vitamin E, dipyridamole and so. Xu Yong stretch after stretch pants, athletic or compression molding, over a period of time to recover to achieve the best results.

Expert Comment:

1. Liposuction body sculpting surgery safe?

A: in the formal medical institutions, to receive professional physician treatment is generally not dangerous.

2. Rebound after liposuction body sculpting?

A: Liposuction body sculpting is by reducing the number of fat cells to achieve the purpose plastic. Even if the fat cells after expansion to the limit, and there is absolutely not achieve the degree of obesity prior to surgery. In addition, post-operative adhesions cause traumatic fibrosis, limiting the expansion of the remaining fat cells. Therefore, liposuction is a good sculpting method.

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